Sunday, May 11, 2008

im angie
had amaths tuition today
tutor name is adrian
we got cute conversation.
adrian : *look at my paper* not bad sia.
me: haihao la.
adrian: apart from study u still do wat?
watch tv play com?
me: ya, sleep also.
adrian : wat game u play
me: audition
adrian: wat's tt?
me: game
adrian: wat game?
me: dance dance one . u go download la.
very fun one.
adrian: how to play?
me: use fingers to press the keyboard.
adrian: any other games?
me: ya, high street 5
adrian: wat's tt?
me: also dance dance one.
adrian : u lyk dancing ar?
me: haihao la/i gt play phone games also.
adrian: download ar?
me: ya.
adrian : not bad sia.
me: haihao la.
adrian: waa, haihao haihao everything also haihao.
me: haihao la.

xiaoyee permed her hair
two words
not nice.
im bored.

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