Sunday, May 18, 2008

hi peeps.
watched 命中注定我愛你 ep 3 4 5
chiong ar.
changed blogskin.
i know that i caused diyan's eye irratition.
watever the spelling

chatted on the phone with daryl jiujiu.
he suffering from depression sia.
he got great niece.
counsilling hims.
&he jio me go his house
for star gazing session.
chatted with markers.
he's so ke ai.
he wan to explore haunted mrt stations.

sian la.

gt so many thing i want to do.
-star-gazing session with daryl jiujiu
-ghost hunting with markers.
-meetup with yunxin darling
-meetup with markers.
-shopping @haru with diyan sweetheart.
-mental three blogskin.
-kbox session with aunts.
-shopping with fenny.
-band bbq party!
-chiong rolling love &命中注定我愛你
-catch a movie.

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