Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wo shi anqi.

was damm bored yst.
gt super high after watching
nv ren wo zui da show.
den take photos.


i am unstable.

today's iternity.
whatever you spell it.
as usual
meet amanda kor, cheris boss, kt &yuenyee jie.
then walk to school together.
so lovelyyyyyyyyy.
then assembly blahblah
skip that part.
then english .
ms sasi saw us playing the cube thingy
& she wan our class to teach her how to solve
after the exams.
then ce.
mr mike like no voice like that.
get well soon.
confirmed the class tee stuff.
lime green , here we come.
i love my purple dinosaur.
then recess
went to take the obs form.
then poa by mr wong.
was more to a time mangement course
or rather.
a discussion class.
i like it la.
this kind of lessons
then physics.
paid attention.
was sleepy actually.
then emaths.
did ws thoughout.
slacked in the class awhile.
then mrs menon walked in.
lectured us ,
those in the classroom.
was like half a class .
then helped to clean the classroom.
then see them play the cube thingy.
then left after that.
wif diyan pengsian penguin jiajun vincent
& i dontknow who liaos
bused down to amk hub there
de pasar malam.
on the way to bus stop that time
they dunno do wat to asri bag
very funny.

buy tako for lunch
the guys walked us to the bridge to hub then left.
go stairs there
& eat the tako.
2words to describe.
not nice.
then go minitoons walk one round
then come out.
then go basement buy drinks.
we are good girls okayys?
we buy drinks that reduce our heaty level.
then go popular.
walk untill want die liaos
cause we carrying books ma.
then faster buy finish
then faster go homes.


i failed my emaths
i passed my amaths
i passed my physics.

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