Monday, December 17, 2012

nineties @ bugis street

Another gift idea shop to share !

The shop was set up by 3 young entrepreneurs where they customize the candy wrapping and engaging the hearing impaired staff. The shop ,less than a year old, had created many designs for different occasions and events. 

Lolli Bouquet, maybe for the girl you had a crush on? 
See what I meant by the wide variety they have ?

Mentos candy with fancy wraps , done by their staff with hearing impaired !
With the staff  !
p/s: Show some love, they are deaf so please be patient !

There are so much products available and changes time to time, you got to drop by the store to see for yourself ! 
For more information :
Also , like them on facebook for the latest updates.
Talk to them if you have a party coming up, be it a baby shower or a last minute class gathering. I'm sure they have a solution for you !



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