Thursday, August 23, 2012

Genting Fun Foodie Tour !

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On the second week of July , I went for a trip to Genting .
I was dying for a getaway then ( okay I still am) , and I'm missing it so much now.

Genting Fun Foodie Tour 3D2N Let's go!

Day 1 .

All of the bloggers and our + ones gathered at Golden Mile Shopping Centre @ 6 am in the morning.
We were travelling with Five Stars Travels.

Stopover  at Yong Peng Rest Centre.
 ST & his burger.
Crispy Chocolate waffle for meeeeeeeeeeee!

After a few hours later......


We left our barangs in Clara's room cause our room wasn't ready and then went for lunch and buy prepaid card !

Lunch was what I craved for, Thai food @ the food court next to the bowling place.
Green Curry Chicken
Stir fried chicken and mango

ST's a coward, he don't eat spicy food so no tomyum for us.
Bill is about  RM 50 , if you go in big group, I strongly recommend this place for food.
Affordable and super yums ! Just like our local zhi char stalls.

Okay, about prepaid cards.
I bought mine @ maxim hotel basement, but you also can get it at First World Shopping Centre.( realised that on the second day)
the DIGI sim card is RM28 with RM20 for ready use. 
Data usage is RM8 a day , usage unlimited. 
So in total spent RM38 to keep myself connected. ( top up RM10 for the last day for data)

Neighbours , Nich & HP came over to chit chat  & take pictures.

With nich !
Our room!


Walk around to explore with HP , Clara & Brad!
d7, d16

I'm missing the sotong ball filled with cheese and glutinous ball with mango and cream so so much now ! #slurps

Not forgetting the spiced baked village chicken !

Credits: Ziwei
After dinner, there's always entertainment @ genting.

Some of the bloggers went for movie while we decided to go for a singing session !

Credits : ziwei
 Pictures before the room is ready!

Although the system kinda sucks, meh. The song lists were rather updated, yay for that !
We pay RM 88 for a room in total , for 2 hours of singing time and a few bottles of mineral water.
Look , we have about 10 people so each of us paid RM 8.
BOOMZ. That's less than SGD 4.

Cannot complain anymore. I mean look at how much we paid.

Day 2.

Having breakfast with the best from both worlds, @ Resort Cafe & Restoran Kampong

p/s : I had to admit I suck at taking pictures at buffet places.

Together with breakfast kakis !
Ya, I'm very boring at buffet noms.

After breakfast is fun time !
We could either go to the outdoor theme park or the strawberry farm.
As I am a coward, I opted for the Strawberry Farm.
I also did my homework before I travel and found out that there's a lavender farm.
I was really excited then !

In cab with Hayley & Shaun , on the way to the Genting Strawberry Farm


We spend about approx. 2.5 hours ( inclusive of travel time) at the farm , headed back to hotel to freshen up & change camera battery !

Dinner is buffet at the coffee terrace!
I've heard so much about it , & finally my turn to try it has come !!!!!

Another perk of the tour, WATCH KHALIL FONG LIVE !

Credits : Ziwei

Ermmm. we cannot take individual shots with khalil so had to make do with his poster.
Credits: ziwei


What is the best part about attending a concert ?
A backstage access & a picture with Khalil Fong.
Credits : RWG

Sleep is for weak , they said.
I wasn't really weak that night  , I would say.

Drinks & games with the awesome peeps !

Sorry I cannot tell you all what happen in the room .

With them till like 5 in the morning & therefore, check out my sleepyhead face in day 3.

Day 3 .

Morning faces with HP & Nich !

Breakfast @ Genting Palace.
Breakfast is too awesome.

Cannot stop thinking of the Golden san pau & the mooncakes !


Picture with Brad & the people I'm sitting with !
Peeps from RWG ! Thank you for having us!!

With monsterhead.
With Gabby & Brad !

As we wait for our buses to be ready....
Shots taken with Casio TR150 with fish eye lens

Shots taken with Casio TR150 with fish eye lens

 More pictures with the bloggers !


 Ending off with a group pic !

I miss you all so much !
Thanks for the fun & nice meeting everyone !


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