Thursday, July 26, 2012

My internship .

I'm half way done with my Year 3 life now.
Before I return to school for the new semester, I was on an internship for 10 weeks.
Therefore, I am summarizing these 10 weeks into a entry.

IF you have been reading my blog ( scroll down frantically now), I think you would know where I was attached to.

I get " Why you choose this brand/company to intern" A LOT. Even my colleagues ask me . WTF.
The answer is I don't effing have a choice.
In fact, none of us have the choice.
Either you get posted to the designated company or you go for an interview at a company , you go in there or you get another company that the school would choose.

Also , a lot of people ask me if I get staff discounts. Answer is NO. I (we) don't even have MC to be covered as paid leave. #justsaying

I study Dip. in Business Management , specializing in Retail (supposed to be) , and I wanted something more back end. And I thought my internship would be like that as well. Like learning more about how the stocks are managed and many many other things that front line staff don't do. But never mind, I never had a front line retail job experience before anyway. So , I have quite a great time meeting new people (the rich) and I would say, a different shopping/service experience.

 Apart from the daily routine, I participated in the company's filming for their product training service program. #whatinternsnormallydontget. Thanks for the opportunity, Marie.

On stand by !
with Eunice & Joy
All the participants !
Ladies . 
Sidenote : I made the butterfly hairband
On set !
With my manager :]

This gown cost approximately five grands FYI.

With ROM, Margaret

Let but not least, pictures taken with my colleagues on the last week of work !
Team MY1 !
Mentor, Jeanxen
With Lea
Bbygirl Fiona !
With Fariz

Joy !
Jennifer (took this on her last day)


kthxbye .x 


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