Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review : Organic Lip Ice !

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 Look what I have here !
I was really excited upon receiving the lip balms cause I had cold sores previously and almost all the lip balms I tried didn’t work for me. From normal lip ice range to honey based lip balm or even with Jojoba oil ! The medical balm the doctor prescribed for cold sore made me have dry and chapped lips and once I apply moisturizing or normal lip balm , my lips starts to itch and THE SORES COME BACK AGAIN.

Raspberry & Strawberry and Lavender & Orange flavours.
Each retailing at $7.90 available in Watsons, Guardian , Supermarkets and Department stores.

The organic lip balms are free of artificial chemicals, preservatives and it is healthy, safe and gentle enough for sensitive lips. INDEED. Most importantly not sticky !

I was a little afraid that the same thing would happen to this range of lip balms, and couldn’t write this review. But thank god. The sores didn’t return.
You see, after I am “infected” with cold sores, my lips became sensitive,dry and chapped. Thus making myself look pale and lifeless.
Having the organic ingredients sourced all over the world, the lip balm contains African Organic Shea Butter (heal dry lips), Spanish organic oil (fights aging and prevent chapped lips), Argentinean Organic jojoba oil (hydration),  Columbian organic coconut oil (Soften skin)

Now let's try !

My say :
I feel that the texture is slightly heavy but it gets absorbed easily. 
As you can see, my lips doesn't look that dry after application. I'm loving it because it is not making my cold sores return and at the same time giving it moisture. Both flavours are sweet smelling but they doesn't taste very strong or anywhere near horrible. Though I do taste the oil ingredients a little.

In conclusion, I would say this is my favourite one for my current situation until I find a better one .  

Disclaimer : What works for me best might not do the same for you.


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