Sunday, May 06, 2012

It's a Domino's party !

( ̄〜; ̄) ムシャムシャ 

That's a slice of the new ultimate Hawaiian pizza by the way!
Have been lovin' domino's pizza since the first experience with them because they are always a party saver.
Only 30 minutes needed for it to be freshly delivered in your face , what's more can I expect !
Had a mini sharing about online ordering and I major love the GPS Tracker they have !

HA! That's my order details for the pizza I'm having now ( realtime)
Within 10 mins the food is ready and on its way . 

tomyum chicken crunchies
New in the menu & I LIKEY

Mad awesome them cause they let us try the newly added ULTIMATE HAWAIIAN PIZZA and the other one is....
& How can we not have the chocolate lava cake !

Wild #gluttoncells produce.
Premium roasted sliced chicken wit smoked chicken breast, toasted turkey ham , juicy pineapples, fresh garden mushroom .... YUMS.

Me thinks if they neh give us the lava cake , we will #fliptable.jpg

Moving on .
Cheesy onion rings !
I don't eat onion rings but everyone says it's good .

What's a party without socialising !

New friend, Grace !
Ending with a picture of old friend, & I !

Hungry ? Call Domino's @ 6222-6333 for your pizza craves.
I recommended logging in to for more savings and offers !


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