Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A date

Had a half day off on wednesday, and of course I had to spend it wisely with my friends !

Together with Fenny, Ying Zi and Don ( the 3 of them are in the same group for same contest support them!), we nua-ed abit at A.venue Bistro. @Cineleisure Level 4

I was actually quite surprised that their food is really affordable. Shall go there again soon !

Dinner was at Everything with Fries @ Orchard Central with my lovelies.

Racs & Yanny
My burger ! It was ermmm some chicken marinated in prawn paste .
Nice but too salty for me.
Rubs & I !
Group Pic of the four of us !

Ima join us after dinner and we just lepak and chit chat and take pictures. 
& guess what, my dear Ima is getting engaged next month. OMGWTF



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