Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My New Year Eve/New Year

If you have been following me on twitter, if you don't DO IT NOW.
You would have known that I was alone on the last hour of 2011.

But the actual truth is I wasn't really alone. 

So here's the story,
I was with Calvin and Conan all the way till 7pm (?) and then I was left alone.

Conan lent me his wide angle lens, reason why I have slightly nicer/artistic pictures.
& Doubled the weight of my baby cam.

Camwhore while walking to Peninsula to get Conan's new tripod !

Say hi to hungry Calvin !


@kopi-o noming expensive cheap food


On my new year eve, I met Singapore new president , Mr Tony Tan.

Regarding why I will met him and being so close-up with him, I will talk about it in another entry.

You see, this was the time of the problem.
The boys had tickets to the Float and I don't .

I had 3 choices.

1. Go home 
2. Go find Andric and his friends.
3. Stay by the bay and shoot the fireworks .

Self portrait with a tripod !

I chose the third option .

And I didn't regret it.

3 reasons too.

1. Conan have bought the tripod for me ( he carried 2)
2. I had nice makeup.
3. The fireworks was awesome.

I guess it shows how independent I was.
It was a great experience. 
Although I can't camwhore cause it was real awkward and didn't take much picture of myself , I really enjoyed myself.
I managed to know a new friend and he helped me get a not-so-bad spot after I lost my good spot. 

It was my first attempt taking fireworks.
Okay actually Conan and Calvin helped me with the settings and all I did was to set the timer 30 seconds before and press the shutter button, continuously. 

You can view more of my fireworks pictures here :

The road blocks were everywhere and there were no places to eat.
Settled our first meal in 2012 at Maxwell Food Centre.
No picture cause we were famished !

And after our meal, the boys and I got up to one of the HDB buildings and play with our cameras!
Never knew my camera can do this.

Okay conan took this picture from my cam.

Hunted for cabs about 1.5 hours before we managed to get home.

I have no time to write my new year resolution .

I just wish to be happy .



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