Friday, December 23, 2011

My experience with Sphere Maintenance #marinabay2012 !

Last Wednesday , I was privileged to have a boat ride down on the Singapore River and met 2 featured bloggers for the Marina Bay 2012 Countdown.
Not sure if you know about the wishing spheres, that have been going around shopping malls, having people to pen down their wishes.
Well, if you did write on the wishing spheres, they have been placed in the water at the Singapore River!
And I'm glad to have the chance to get closer with the spheres on Wednesday during one of the maintenance sessions !

The sky was a little dark , but I'm glad it didn't rain until we finish our rides !
Put on our life jacket, and while waiting to hop on the speed boat....

 Here's a picture of Laura and I before hopping to the speed boat!
Together with Elizabeth , Mr Nicholas (boatman) and his team.
Mr Nicolas explained his experiences with the spheres over the years and many other things around the spheres.
I don't think there's any deflated spheres to be spotted in the pictures, but do you know how they are put up ? ^^

According to Mr Nicolas, he told us that the spheres are lay outed like a spider web. 2-3 spheres are clipped to the ropes which are about 2 metres long and they are all linked together. Mr Nicholas says that by attaching them this way , it will prevent the spheres from breaking free.

 Laura & I on board !
Team behind the scene.
Then I wondered how do they fix the wishing spheres inside. Mr Nicholas told us that they had to paddle inside to fix them.
With the ropes just above water level, it is definitely a tough job !
Thanks for the hard work !

Just in case you are wondering where will the fire works be released, it will be in the middle of water !
See the blue "stage"

Be sure to get a good spot if you wanna shoot the fireworks !

If you have no plans on the NYE do come and join us for countdown at the Marina Bay Area!
For more info:

Ending with a happy me in the boat ride watching the spheres !


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