Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bon Japan Part 2!

Yay to the fact that BonJapan is officially opened !
I was very honoured to be able to attend their Opening event for bloggers.
Warning : Image heavy but cuteness overload.

Now we all know where to satisfy our everyday Japan cravings.

My phone cover !

By the way, Duffy belongs to me .
The other plushies belongs to Bon Japan .

The person-in-charge Nelson told us many things that day .
From how Bon Japan is born to the culture of Japanese snacks.

Each of us were to choose a drink of our choice from the chiller.
(left to right) Coffee Drink, Grape Juice, Honey Lemom. Calpis Soda, Milk Tea.
Fenny's grape drink is cool. It taste super sweet but it will turn into a smoothie after freezing !

Shouldn't have such a heavy dinner that day .
Didn't finish the food Nelson provided.
Esp the hot pie soup !!!! 
& this is the hot pie soup.
I mean instant hot pie soup.

The soup comes in this powdery form and contains real edamame beans.
And a super yums pie.
Cookies !
I brought 2 boxes for myself too.

Tea packs that taste heavenly.

fruit jams

Real Fruit Jams + Bread stix.
The bread sticks taste.... surprisingly good.
A hard texture yet soft when bite.

WAIIIII, Tell me what you japs have in your brain when you invent some food.
Gato Chocolat

Chocolate filled mochi with alcohol.

Lemon candy coated marshmallow

Care Bear Candy

Doctor candy

With a total of 5 flavored candy in a bag, the back of the packaging shows a recipe of how the taste can change when you have 2-3 flavoured candy in your mouth.

That's why its called DOCTOR CANDY !

After we are done with the food, it's time to....
Camwhore with the Rilakkuma

And continue to snap pictures within the shop.
Fruit Drops!!!!!!!!

I'm quite an arsehole with candies. Cause I choose what I eat.
And my choice is fruit drops ! #taglineforcommericals.

Apart from all the yummilicious food and some random pictures anyone can take within the shop ,
Nelson were also nice enough to share some cho kawaii and maybe exclusive( cant remember) mechanise in the shop
Doraemon dispenser

Doraemon specs holder.

Stitch new papers holder

Stitch CD player

Polariods from ben!

How can we forget about a group picture??
Family photo

 Ending off with a picture with us and Nelson ! See why I warn you for cute overload???
Can't wait to participate in future activities by Bon Japan.
Their latest event : Poppin Christmas @ Bon Japan !
Do check them out at

They are located at :
 Orchard Central Level 6. Unit 15/16/17


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