Saturday, August 20, 2011

#churpchurp Gathering !

Last weekend , I had fun over at Canvass Art Studio with the other churpers !
Have been longing for a gathering like this for a long time actually.
Thanks Churp Churp ! ^^

Met blogger friends there too !
& Of course some that I didn't manage to take picture with .
I'm sorry .

We played charades game & watch Mattew do magic.

The bloggers' turn !
Qiuting, Beatrice, Jessica & Brad

Then we all played the tweeting game

& I won myself a churpy thumbdrive !


Fenny & Joey both won a churpy plushie each .
Also cho kawaii .
Event ended successfully & we were greeted with....

Yummy Churpy cupcakes from Shiberty's Sweets!

How easy is it to be photobombed by popular blogger , Jessica !

& we took a proper one with her!


This is my " OMG why so yummy" face.

When people take unglam shots of you ,

give #hamsterdramaticlook

Picture with Sophie

& ladyironchef (Brad)

The magician !

& Qiuting, blur but i still wanna post .

& Fidelis .

& My photographer, my maid , my friend.
Erm the one inside the photo.

Actually I was thinking of getting the whole entry done in 140 words since it is a twitter-related event.
& you know like twitter has a word limit of 140.
But I just failed the challenge.

Anyways. if YOU have not follow me on twitter.
Do follow me at @yourapplepie.
Make me the applepie of your eye.

Photo Credits : Conan & churpchurp Face book page.

Just in case you stay in mountain , and is asking what is CHURPCHURP ?
Well, Churpchurp is a platform where you get rewarded for sharing messsages through social networking.
Join with me now : CLICK THIS.


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