Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Have a break, CAST YOUR VOTE!



Oh my my. I’m terribly sorry that I was erm… away for too long .

Welcan you still remember I mentioned about voting for something during the SHINE Youth Opening entry ?

Oh yes yes.

This is it.

Kaiyi and I voted for our favourite art work

Well, I think it was quite a tough decision to vote for my favourite one because everyone of it are so pretty !

Quite a struggle to vote actually….

In the end I voted for…

Joan Chong .

Because I like her definition of having a break. It sounded much like my idea of a break too .

You. Touched .My. Heart .Joan.

Her description :

My idea of a big break is being able to break away from the tension of working all the time. In such a fast-paced society, one often has very little time to relax. The balloons in the artwork represent taking a breather from all the work and travelling around the world. Also, having a bunch of balloons and 2 bibirdie captains navigating , together with a booster propelling the engine, is economical ! Photographing these memories and having fun moments in an overseas country is the best idea of a big break for me !

I mean there are 9 more outstanding entries, do click and check them out


PS Idk how to do the image thing.

By the way .

Increase your chances of winning the $200 hamper with me !

More info here : http://skiesoflove.blogspot.com/2011/06/have-break-lets-confess.html

End date : 31 July 2011.

That's my cute cousin posting with kitkat !



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