Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ramen Play food tasting !

Hi peeps, last week I followed 9 other Nuffnang bloggers for the Ramen play food tasting event .
They are introducing a new Student Promotion @ $8.80++.
I mean there's alot that you can order from the menu , but I'm just gonna focus on the new Student special yea?

#1 :I opted for hot green tea that day cause I wasn't feeling well !
#2 : Some of the unique 'poison' that Ramen Play offers for you to 'play' with .(笑)

Very nice of the management to serve us some side dishes as starters !
(Not included in the student promo)
#3: Yaki Gyoza

#4 : Yaki Gyoza after one bite ! Fillings hot what.

Although the skin is a little thick, but the fillings is nice.
#5: Crispy Dango

This one is cute.
It looks and taste like takoyaki but its made up of minced chicken.
So technically it is chicken ball, something like that.

I much prefer gyoza though.

#6 : This is charlene , very hardworking blogger.

#7 : More gyoza

Still remember the $8.80 student promo ?
It includes a main dish (like duh) and a soft drink to choose from.

Little options are good.
Keeps you away from confusions ,at least for me.
2 options will mean that if I can't decide , I can flip a coin to make the final decision.
The 2 options Ramen Play Student Promo offers - Tonkutsu Ramen / Mustard Chicken Fried Rice.

#8 : Obviously I've opted for the ramen.(笑)

I mean like I go Ramen Play so MUST eat ramen .
Not really a must but you know its like a ramen place and the ramen is from the Japanese giant Sanpou Co. Ltd.

Know what you are eating please !
- Soup base cooked with specially imported pork bones & sinew .
- Skimmed for 12 hours.
- Quality ramen that has been around for 50 years.

#9: The serving kinda big , I can't finish !!!!!

According to the manager, we should eat the ramen within 10 minutes because it will taste better.
But I prefer the soup to get a little soaked with the noodles so I didn't eat within ten minutes !
By the time we finish the photo taking , 3 mins is gone !!!! #excuse101
I guess its personal preference .
We are supposed to mix the brown sauce too !
I recommend to try the soup before and after you mix , mix already nicer !

#10: Mustard Chicken Fried Rice.

I don't know why but I feel this looks more yums.(笑)

The 'posion' from #2.
#11: Garlic Chips.

#12 : seasoned 韭菜 .
Nahhhh you know the irritating vegetable from your dumplings that got a weird taste ?
They seasoned it !
I didn't try so I have no idea how it taste.
Go try then tell me how is it ok?

#13: Crispy Dango & I
Okay , it wasn't an intended pun .
Ending off here ~


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