Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern !!!

I know no one except the few that were in the cinema as I do will believe this ,
I've watched the Green Lantern one day ahead of anyone else.
*insert loud evil laugh*

Don't believe you see the date !!!

Thank you F&N Seasons for the invitation !
Definitely cheered me up and giving me a little break from whatever had been happening around me.
We caught the gala premiere at Shaw Lido .
Er, no not IMAX or 3D, we watched in 2D.
It's my first time catching a show after its renovations !
Much cleaner & more classy now.

Although I still think that the aliens are pretty ugly , the sound effects had surprised me.
I went into the theatres with a half-hearted mindset doubting the DC Comic based movie to be good and I'm glad that I did not miss such a wonderful action packed movie.
Thanks F&N Seasons once again !
Well, if you are the kinda hardcore fan of DC comics you would have more or less know the storyline.
The story is structured where it is easy to understand and includes a little humour.
I feel that this movie is rather suitable for growing boys because it mainly talks about overcoming fear, admitting mistakes and taking responsibility.
As I've mentioned, I watched it in 2D and the effects were quite impressive.
I believe that the 3D version would be better.

Rate : 3.5/5

Watch the trailer and purchase your tickets now if you have not catch the movie yet !

Awesome movie watched with awesome people !


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