Wednesday, June 08, 2011

blogging ft HTC DESIRE S 第一章

I am blogging from my phone now, feel so good to be able to do so on the go .
Have been working this few days and working for the upcoming pc show.
When vigil told me that Android have app for Blogger ,I was so happy because I know with the long working hours I will not have time to update this space . But nao i can!means more entertainment for me on the mrt too!

Yesterday cherie came over to fetch me from work and dinner at serangoon nex.
Ages since someone fetch me from work ,in fact I can't even remember who was the one .(笑)
Headed back home with st too.

Not really sure how this app really work cause I don't seem to be able to edit the pictures .
Still playing with the phone. Exploring myself more fun.
Ending off here

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  1. cool must download app too lol

  2. Spell my name wrongly!! *sobs* (T_T)

  3. kawaiiberri92 > yes yes !

    Vigi > its not me . you know the prob with touchscreen phone.


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