Sunday, April 03, 2011

Megazip is funnnnnn.

Have you been to  megazip adventure park , located in sentosa? :)
Recently , nuffnang brought 13 g+ members to the adventure park to experience it !

Made a lot of new friends that day!
Thanks nuffnang :)

I took very little pictures because I didn't really have the extra energy to.

And I was afraid that I might damage my gadgets.

Getting tagged !

Fellow bloggers putting on the harness !

I took very little pictures because I didn't really have the extra energy to.

And I was afraid that I might damage my gadgets.
But they actually provide a pouch for us to hold on to our valuables.

We tried the Climb Max(obstacle course) , parajump, rock climbing and of course the megazip(flying fox) , 4 in total.

2 years away from all this activities makes me a little struggle .
I choose level one for the obstacle course cause I got no guts.
The obstacle course is so much easier to complete then those high elements we did in secondary schools.

Rachel and I waiting for our turns to try ClimbMax LEVEL 1

Para jump is the one that I least like among the 4 . The pull of gravity is so scary I nearly teared .
The other bloggers loved it , but I will not try it again.
It is something like jumping down from a 5storey building .
Try it if you wanna have a feel of committing suicide by building jumping .
Rather interesting as it is something I never tried before.
I told myself I will not try this ever !
It was so scary . Treasure life people.
Love lifeeeee

I had long nails and I couldn't hold the 'rocks' properly.
Rock climbing is tough ! It is super energy consuming .
I gave up half way because I was mad tired .
I only had 50% of my energy left when I did my rock climbing .

I love the megazip the most!
Not scary at all I swear !
I thought that it would be scary and might killed me or anything bad .I keep chanting ' I am brave, I am very brave'
I was so worried that my shoes will fly out or something !
The feeling of flying down is super shiok.
If I have another chance I will do this again and camwhore while doing it !
All these pictures are taken when we are done with the Megazip .

Imagine you are stuck there ( look at arrow)
Don't worry lah , you will have macho man to save you .

Returning the pouch and collecting our bags !

Tips for Vain girls who want to try :
Crocs is probably the best shoes to wear for Megazip .

If you think that wearing sneakers are the best you are so wrong.
What happens when you reach the sandy beach at the end of your Megazip (flying fox)
Oh , your shoes will be filled when sand and making you walk awkwardly.

I wore my kitty x crocs pumps.
And I was slightly better.
I could remove the sand I got from walking , but the water was stuck inside.
Making me feel erm. weird and making my feet wet :{

Trust me, its bloody HOT
I think some of the girls and I wore shorts that are short.
Okay I think it didn't make sense, but okay.
The shorts will keep going in between with the help of the harness.
Get what I mean ?
Preferably not denim material.
It will hurt you .
50% of the time , the girls were complaining about how painful it was ...

I mean you can try, just wondering if you can do your rock climbing well with muthaeffing long nails.
I had long nails when I was there , so I know.

Yupps that all I wanna say .


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