Thursday, March 03, 2011

Because I very boliao

Because I very boliao last night,
I wanted to sweet deco-den my new blackberry cover.
It was the kind of hard silicon type which I got it at Bugis street for $8 .

Look at my tools !
Well prepared ahhh.

In the end ,
I feel that my tools are insufficient to deco my new phone case and also ,
I some kind of like it just the way it is now .

So instead,
I did this !

My lash case !
Case from daiso
Barbie key chain from some japanese magazine
Big heart bling from daiso also
& small crystal jewels (swarovski elements) from Arab Street.

Wanted to be slight more artistic so I took my bearbricks
& a piece of pink leopard print sticker .
& then take a peekture.

Touched up my camera blings as well as my pen !
Touched up abit phail .
I going to think to improve it.

& That happened because I very boliao .


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