Thursday, February 03, 2011

Review : Love more masks !

Thanks for sending me more goodies !
Today's review on love more's masks !

Let me introduce the chiobu endorsers !

Taiwan Endorser : Tiffany Hsu
xiaotian's girlf + autumn concerto's main actress !

Hongkong Endorser : Kary Wu

& also ,
its very popular among the taiwanese bloggers too !
Their reviews :

Nao , my turn to try it out!

Brazil White crystal & platinum peptide whitening duo lifting 3D mask

Princess packaging , i likey !


Main feature : Colloidal Platinum
Uses :revitalize, strongly moisturises and protects the skin,
enhances its ability to take in nourishing minerals,
recharge, re-hydrate and protect the skin leaving it with
healthy, brightening skin

Review :
I love the way that it covers all the way to the neck !
& the hooks at the side !
Comes in very handy when you wanna dance while doing a mask
Very moisturizing
& definitely very fitting .
You can do your work not having to worry about it drop .
The fragnant of the mask makes me feel very relax.
Its not very strong as well.
The itch was okay ,
& no side effects.
For the whole 20 mins ,
My facial muscles were really enjoying themselves.
VERY Relaxing.
Can really feel the tightening too !

Neck covered !

After doing the mask .
My skin look less dry & healthy right ?

The next mask .
My new pjs !

Cute or what !
All normal masks are packaged in envelopes !
In which to the country their ingredients are imported from .
For this , its japan .
Can you see ?
top left hand corner.

Camellia & Tourmaline whitening Mask


ps taken with my blackberry >.<

I totally love this one!
Although this mask dont not cover the neck
& actually not really fitting for me
( as you can see , my face is quite small )
However , I still can continue doing my work
Also the fragnant is a sweet floral smell .
Make you totally feel like getting a pot of flower tea .
( as in for me lah actually)
Whitening 满分 !

After the mask .
Got fair by alot righttt!!!

Both masks are very moist !
Even till the very end.
I could use the leftover to rub my hands .
Dont waste whattttt

Well , what works for me may not work for you .
Why not take a free sample first before buying from the store ?

Anyways !
Its available exclusively in Watsons
3D Mask 5 pcs @ $8.90
Mask 5pcs @ $7.90
Vday's coming .
Boyfs can consider this as a gift for your girls !
Trust me,
This is practical & they will love it .
& support me in the upcoming Love More Facial Mask contest!
xiexieni ~
bye-bi !

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