Friday, February 25, 2011

Emmanuel's surprise 18th .

Last sunday , percussion & the crazies celebrated Emman's 18th
@ion swensens.

We planned quite a number of things but ermmm...
We kinda phailed because we didnt really carry it out.
Nonetheless we had fun and alot of laughter

Look at the birthday "cake " made by Fenny and I.

We continued eating and eating.
Honestly, I dont think that the ice cream buffet was worth it.
I got very very sick of the ice cream & pastries after a while .
The scoops were tiny as well.
The variety was huge though.

Time for our birthday task.

Vigi and Kengteng also tried

Ended up we called Edwin .

& fen .

We changed the 8 pastries to 8 scoopes of ice cream

& End it in a mouthful .

Expression after .

Ending this post with my beloved vigikoh !

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