Monday, January 31, 2011

Awesome weekend part 1 - Shopping & food

Last saturday .
Had a shopping spree with vigi & mum + babyvic.
@cityplaza !
Me & vigi bought the same dress !
Another dress I bought was stained by some black dress of mine.
I need help,
What can help to remove the stains ?

Anyways ,
Dearie vigi accompanied me to suntec to collect my new year shoes.
Head ben&jerry before that.

Walked for hours and finally

Saw some bunny exhibition.


I like this bunny !
So cooperative !

Vigi had to go over to her granny house.
& there was a change of plan
Supposed to go for a gmax event
But somehow it got screwedup
& the rain couldnt stop
So bernard come over to meet me for dinner.
Meet new friend again , Jasmine.
Dined at Ma maison.

I worked there leis hello !

Nard & jasmine flower

Chasoba salad .

squid meat & its ink spag.
Cuttefish ink spag

beef and butter rice.
(i dontknow how to spell that important wordyou see )

Key to payment.

I headed home while
the older 2 went to club !

Simple yet great day .

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