Friday, December 17, 2010

Leisure Time.


Watched Rapunzel today with
Zixian , Joslyn & Grace.

I rate it 5/5 !
The graphics was so good .
Especially the hair .
How did they make it so realistic ?!

People sitting behind us were making loud and very kuazhang comments.
& Laugh very loud also !

Anyways .
This movie is good.

Take afew pictures after the movie ended.
Omg ,
I must tell you this.
I was wearing long sleeve..
+ a hoodie .
& still , shivering !

Carry Yogi's picnic baskets.

Eat grass.

Grace refuse to take pictures.
So no pictures of her.

Picture of babyvic i took
When i disturb her with the santa hat.

& jinjin's :]

Things bought from Daiso yesterday!

Back to today
I left early ,
& headed to Vivo to meet alex
To pass him stuffs.
& then shopped around.

Bought 5 items.
1 sugarbunny .
Didnt manage to buy it the other time .
It was sold out so fast.
2doggy pencil case
Xmas present for cousins
Imma naise elder sister.
1 googly bands.
and 1 pair of socks.

I wanted the white one !
But someone bought it when i was away ...
I saw ,
& I decided to kiv first.
momousa also cute what.

Messy table.

The googly bands
Fruits series!

Current nail color .
I likey .
Its like a very cool color.
Boos to pink , white , black ,blue .
Brown is my new love.
Cool right cool right .
Did it in my mum's friend shop :]
First time people do my nails for me leis.

& today ,
i know the socks in daiso is in pair.
The other time I thought it was one in one packaging ,
So I didnt buy.
Today I looked very carefully .
& saw 2 in one package.

Okays .
Thats the end of my today

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