Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No one's gonna hurt me.

School like still the same,
I really believe that its the people that matters.
I miss chongboon .
I miss the things we all used to do .
& how the way we communicate.
Perhaps you may say i'm not used to the way it is in nyp.
But well
.Its all different.

I can has no one to play with .
After school and meeting friends is now my favourite pasttime.

Having no news of school from classmates become my fault.
& I will be a free loader.
mark me down lor .
I do and dont do also no difference.

I'm always alone .
Sometimes i need an escapade.
& I need my friends,

I know you all dont like me.
But its okay .
Cause I can still tolerate.
& I go to school because I need my cert.
Not you.
If you think i'm attitude, dao , fuckedup .
Too bad, thats your problem.
No point poisoning me ,
& doing all those despicable acts.
*roll eyes*

Enough of emo stuff.
I watched despicable me with jamie lena jocelyn and koey today .
& Dinner with koey & joce.
Updated ourselves.
& poor lena suffering same fate as me as well.
Just that her's is mad ridiculous.

Agnes ish mad freaking cuteeee !
k thats all .
Meeting icecream this friday night :D

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