Friday, July 02, 2010

Hi Mitch ,

Mitch ask me to blog .
So I blog lor .


My life is quite boring ,
Cause I didnt have any active events .
& ya .
But I met quite alot of people this week .

If you actually follow me on twitter you will know what happen !

I cant remember what happened on Sunday .
Monday :
my freaking school reopen .
& Like I have to go to school lor,

& I just realised that

Bought koi milk tea
Cause no people queueing ,
if i dont buy very 对不起自己 you know.
NYPgave me warning letter
PEM didnt approve my MC(s)
Got dam high cause we are doing speech on .
Can you effing imagine ?
I watched Jeunuesse play plants Vs zombies during lecture.
Band @ CBSS.
& toystory with mitch , my lil bro .

Wednesday :
Met up with lena the banana and Joce ,
& benjamin mel they all .
*hugs * finally can eat together with both joce & lena.

& shopping ,
Checked out the new venue for cafe.
Then to office.

I am very lazy now .
Good night

Night practice tml !
Rocks my socks.

1 comment:

  1. Last time my group also do Organ Trading, lol.
    Kena warning letter? Never tio before me, haha.


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