Saturday, July 24, 2010

Escapade #04

Weeeeee ,

Anderson ice cream turn one !

Meeting up with all my campmates <3

Its like time flies la !

I know them for like 2 years plus alr

& Icecream is now like one of my close friend .

Oh well.

We headed for movie .
Nodame Cantabile.

I miss the first part ,

Abit blur during the movie .

But the soundtracks/ symphony is mad nice.


The movie is good .

But I think the anime is better.

Headed to Somerest 313 for dinner instead of ice monster.

Cause both of us didnt have dinner

So we hopped in to Ramen Play .

Cause I didnt want koufu and random hawkers

Who serve chicken rice at $4.

Super not worth

Mine :D


Its not nice .

Both of us decided not to go there ever again .

Its kinda below average.

The one I had with Angela was much better !

Go try that one at ion .

& We should have eaten the hand burger.

Walked around for a while

& grab a drink .

Which is super mad effing disgusting .

Barley Pomelo .

Yeo's one ,

Dont buy also !


Ending alr

End of escapade #04.

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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