Saturday, June 05, 2010

Yui day out / photoshoot

Your awesome blogger is back.
This month is filled with the fun I had with friends.
Worked lesser days ,
& blahblahblah.
Met bowei at 7.30 AM at Amk Mrt
& trained down to Bukit gombat.
Little Guilin for photoshoot.
Meet Yui on the train.
& me and bowei didnt talk on train,
Thoughout the journey.
And I wore HEELS>
Make it killer too , haha
Little Guilin like some kukuplace.
That I dont even know its existence.
Will post the unglam photos when he bake finish .

After the shoot, we went to buy bbt ,
The staff at the sweettalk or whatever its called
Is super mad rude.
Just because I told her i dont want pearls.
Then she HUH me super loud .

We trained down to Jurong East / IMM>
Daiso :]
Bought some staff for MIki .
& Mirrors.
To bling them and sell.
Anyone interested please contact me at

Lunch at ajisen .
They serve food super fast.
Like no need to cook like that..

Trained down to Bugis .
We walked and shopped.
Super funny .
Cause we went 2nd level .
We didnt know.
So we turn ,
and shocked to see the neoprint shop closed down .
So we were thinking .
The business so good ,
Also will close down mehhhhhh.
Then we went to ask the customer service person .
&&&& .
Guess what ?

We at the wrong level .

Took neoprints!
The machine sucks btw .

Head off to Haji Lane
But the uncle didnt open shop! !!!!!

By that time , my heels were killing me.
Hence , i decided to cab home andand and ,
Send Yui to work .

I nice right ?

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