Saturday, June 05, 2010

Phil Winds Perf / Band .

2December 2009
Okay ,
Actually i had some plans on that day ,
I think was to makan with Adrian kor or something like that ,
But gonna postpone it .
* 哥, if you are reading this, :想你想你, meetup soon .
Okay anyways .
Thats not the story .
Basically , I was chatting with Adrian C. in the afternoon ,
& he simply told me about Philwinds performing at vivocity ,
Texted Ice cream & jocelyn.
(cause I was chatting with joce also )
Jocelyn , get well soon .
& trained down to Harbourfront.
When I was waiting for bus ,
I suddenly remembered about Adrian's CD.
So gonna meet him after Philwinds concert on sunday .
KKK , back to the point.
I was half an hour late!
Met at 6 ,
But I reached at 6.30/
It was a private function
So we only could hear the band play.
Cannot see the band also .
& the kids there are like .
Make me feel like shouting SHUTUP at them .
I told ice cream this ,
So must as well tell you all also .
"I sure going to teach my kids next time to shut up when there are people performing ."
Philwinds played nice pieces,
EG , my fave song ,
We skipped the saxophone qunitet at the earlier part,
& went shopping .
Cause , cannot see, cannot really hear also .

To our surprise ,
After the band performance ,
Got mickey mouse leis ,
The best part is .
Got fireworks show .
I was so excited.
I dragged Anderson back ,
& say that I wanna watch the fireworks.
I'm so proud of myself .
Who was smart enough to put my cammy into my bag :D

Christmas Tree,
I never like Christmas.

I'm his sunshine , & his my ice cream .
My friend here watch 妻子的诱惑 okay。
Now , due to his influence,
I'm also watching the show.

One wholeeeeeeeeeeeee row of photographers lor ,
I swear its true.
At first , we dontknow what happen .
Then we guess is fireworks .
& its true !
Never in my life so zhun before lor.
Did what I like to do ,
Which is , get involved in other's conversation.
Super funny .

Few of the 48 fireworks pictures I took.
I cant get the gif. file up!
That guy keep disturbing me .
路痴。< Anderson.
Shopped around & trained home.
Didnt take pictures with Mr Chiang & Adrian ,
Cause I dontknow where they go after the performance .
But I did saw them .
Oh , Adrian went for movie.
I ask ice cream
Me : Why saxophone one like to bully people huhh? my senior also like that .
Anderson : Really hor, Ronald also like to disturb people one .
p/s : Ronald is my primary school mate, cum Anderson's NCO campmate -.-
who is also another saxophonist. -.-
M: that guy born with it , but why all like that one .
A: Because, saxophonists are sexy .
M : * -.- turned,& looked around *
Anderson & I both concluded that ,
Saxophonists are sexy
Percussionist are mad.
Wahahhahaa .
Actually pervent sounds better,
But dontwant la .

Early in the morning ,
Like the world's calling for me.
Meetup with diyan sweetheart ,
& accompany her for lunch at CBMac
Decided to head back for band to teach the juniors how to play games
Shared some tips on planning games too .
The security uncle, is ARGHHHHHH,
So noisy .
& makes the whole coming-back-chongboon-trip so tiring
& mafan .
They didnt have full band
DRILLLLLLLLLS all the way .
love drills.
Took videos , very low quality .
Then Adrian drop by ,
& fetched me , fenny & diyan home .

Why does my world revolves around adrians and saxophonist?!
/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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