Saturday, June 05, 2010

NCO POP 2009 .

7 November 2009 .
Its like so sad cans ?
Me & Diyan didnt have a chance to go .
& I remember me going to watch the POP last year with yuenyee jie & clarence.
My dear tingwei & clement got a chance to go for the camp
So , as you know,
KBOX was also on the same day what .
Headed home ,
& Ayden was at my house.
Waited for Jocelyn ,
who was bored to death at home to come
Dined@ my house, dinner.
Trained down together with Duckk Ho to Newton
& meet Ice cream :]
Long time never see him alr.
chao miss ta de .
& bused down to CCAB.
The bus is maddly flooded by band people ,
Cause everyone alight at the same stop.
At first, we tried like our best to squeeze into the bus
.Cause like everyone's running late alr.
Then ice cream text me .
A : Did you board the bus ?
M : yupps,
A : Okay , later just aligh twith the rest. all going de.
M : okay , did you board the bus ?
A : Yea.

By the time we reach there,
its alr like we miss the first part alr .
Ronald did call me also .
& like his line was so epic :
"Walaos eh, why you every year also late one. Last year late, This year also late! "
For the 2 years,
I miss the first part :{
The march in one .
Talked to ice cream & cleared the air .
I hope it doesnt matters & bothers about her anymore .
I welcome you to read my blog as much as you like, sincerely .

Then go and look for my juniors alr la!
Irina they all also did come la .
Take photos,
& saw familiar faces there.
Talked to Ronald also .
Didnt see Rus .
Stupid guy .
& bus down to Bishan
& had ice cream with Jocelyn & Clement .
Headed home aftermath.


/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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