Saturday, June 05, 2010

Little Note.《小字条》

Little Note.《小字条》

Remember my tweet about this movie called Little Note《小字条》 ?

Little Note《小字条》 is a 15 minutes short film commissioned by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. It is written and directed by the director of box office hits, 881 and 12 Lotus, Royston Tan.
This heartwarming short film is about a mother who writes little notes of encouragement to her son during his childhood days and how these little notes continue to inspire him to embark on greater pursuits in his life, thus illustrating the unwavering love and support his mother has for him.

I had a pair of tickets for its Gala Premier,
So I went with Mum.
Cause no one wants to accompany me :{

& It was rather touching .
Although its only like 15mins .
At first, I thought.
15mins only what will happen sia .
But I ended up tearing
The story depicted filial piety .
Which I think that its something that we the youngsters should learn and have
I brought a copy of the video home .
& Mum kinda ...over it.
The scenes shot was very beautiful.
& its very un-urbanised ,
Get it ?

Rate it : 4/5

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