Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bad customers.

Yes yes !
I've alot to blog
But let me talk about this stupid bunch of customers first .
Just in case i forgot or something .

This customer J made a reseravtion at 8.30pm
& before that was full house .
He(J) and his friends ,
one guy and one girl ,
came at 8.25pm/

So, bo bian what , full house what .
Jane told them to wait , hold on a while .
& that girl friend of his said :
" they cannot accomulate us cause we are early "
Then jane quickly said something like ,
"I didnt said that ."
Stupid or what,
Cannt see full house ar .
Then 8.30pm .
Table ready alr ,
I apologise ( basic couresty right , in F&B industry )
& that bitch said : you're late.

Eh ,
You book 8.30pm what.
We made everything for you nicely by 8.30pm
You still gl us .
Then ,
They ordered fruit cake , & cheesecake.
When i served them smoothie ,
I ask them ,
"So hows the cake . is it nice?"
That bitch said : " Can i say no ?"
wtf ! her taste bud got problem or what .
So fcking guailan please.
& i swear the fruit cake is mad nice one lor ,
Btw, its the one from Valen :]
& cheesecake is like also mad nice one .
& our order pad also they not happy .
We know tdy is 22jan ,
But the new girls wrote 21 jan .
Guess what they did ,
They took a pen ,
& circle the date ,
& say : wrongdate.
You care so much for what ,
We know can alr what ,

& send off,
Hotaru said something like , let me send you to the door ,
& J said this :
" its okay , i know the way out "

Hello ,
We know you know the way out .
There's a door what .
Its just part of our service ma ,
So rude for what .
So not happy ,
Still call for reservation for what .
I hope they are reading this ,
& preparing lawyer's letter to send me.

Tsk , so angry .
& head to drink Jane's coffee.

The coffee is mad nice also ,
Its gonna launch soon .
Confirm cannt find in singapore one ,
Cause is Hanana the witch's recipe!
So , must tryyyyyyyyyyyy when you come .
I highly highly recommend it .

Aiya ,
Click on my Nuffnang ads la.

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