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2009 Confessions

2009 Confessions.

Tこんにちは !
This year have been such a nuisance ,
I've learnt many things , & are willing to let go of so many more things .
I've learnt to become stronger , & more bitchy .
Leant to cherish the people who cares and love me well.
ps: The following paragraphs have no offence to hurt anyone , & no personal attack
So, dont get so personal yea ? O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪
Its just about my personal feelings that I would want to blog about to end this bloody 2009.

Let's start with the bad things / sad things.
1. Chinese New Year,

I'm stuck in dam singapore .
I was stuck at home playing pet society .
No good food ,
So sian untill i started doing Amaths.
Thank goodness that friends & senior had steamboat at my house .

2.Friendship problems ;
(solved alr just in case you didnt know)
Thats one that I wouldnt want to say & talk about it .
We all know in our heart.
I lost quite a number of friends throughout this whole year.
& I've learnt not to trust anyone , including your best friends.

3.Ms Tan's Farewell party

Super miss her sia!

16th Birthday

Although I have meals with bros & clique

Adrian kor

ST kor .
& movie with kt

(which I fell sick after that )
It is still my worst horrible bday ever.
To make it worst,
Its my 16th birthday .
No bday parties AT ALL .
First time in my whole bloody life.
Like seriously.
No surprises , No fun , no nothing .
Only 30 bday wishes.

3. New year resolution.
No comments,
None of them came true.

Days I enjoyed.

1.Band practices!

I never dislike band practice nor pon band before
I swear .
& full band is mad fun one lor !
When I was younger, with my crazy senior .
Who turned me crazy
& when older, my EVEN MORE CRAZY JUNIORS!!!!


I'm so proud of everyone ,
Esp myself.
At least we didnt get COP or something .
The previous one was really hurting ,

3.Masterclass! BAND .

KK , thank goodness to my thickskin.
Now I got photo at least.
I didnt take photo with Mr Daisuke (!!!!)
Learnt alot of things i guess.
But definetly the band did!
Confirm .
I still remember how siao chongboon & maris were over Daisuke sensai .
Like siao one lor !

4.Speech Day!
First electone performance ,
Although I was expecting better electone ,
But finally I see a beam of light from Chongboon that they enjoyd electone .
Or even know what is an electone .
& i do not have a single picture of it until now.

5.Seoul Garden with fellow councillors & volleyballers.

Although we are not really in talking terms that time ,
& that the atmosphere was very 僵。
I still enjoyed eating with you all .

6.Flyer trip with Clique.

Okay , not everyone in the clique was there,
At that time, it was the most conselling trip ,
& dam relax.

7.ABC Birthday Party ,
Ice cream buffet !!!!

Although I had stomachache after eating the horrible rubbishish mixed icecream made after a 30 second phone call .
The trip is mad fun
& I enjoyed the pa with you guys

8.Band Investiture.

Stepped out and stuff,
Really want to thank my seniors we taught me so much things
& shaped me to do I am now .
I'm loss at words,

Now i got somethings to tell my juniors .
Confirm if i say during investiture ,

All my dear juniors .
I've learnt alot from you guys .
& made me so much braver and stronger.
Actually I say I not scared all , is I fake one lor
My acting not bad right.

Actually I dam scared one la!
I have not been a super nice and good band major .
But I hope you all like band as much as I do !
& i hope you are dont hate me so much for being so typical
& so strict to you all .
& keep forcing you all to stay and practice.
I ish love you all one okay .

My mad insane crazy Percussion juniors
Thank you for cheering me up when I'm unhappy .
Making me laugh ,
& even apologise to please me when its all not your fault at all >
I feel super guilty ,

Dont do that again okay .
& thankyou for making me NOT giveup percussion .
You are the reason that moltivating me .

You guys are the sweetest juniors !
Love you all x how much you want (>1 x).

I still got the passion & the sae in me !

9.Kitty Lab!!!!!

woots ,
You know how much I love kitty.

10.Grad Day.

This is taken by DSLR leis.
So must post

11.Mr wong's wedding

What is the percentage of going for teacher's wedding sia!!!!
So happy :}


13. Annual Class Chalet , 2e3'07

I love gossiping with everyone.
Its super funneh !!!!!!
May this tradition continues forever and forever and ever.

I thank all who are truly beside me
Call me and talk to me ,
Jio me out to go shopping.
& protect me from the rain .
Care for me , stop me from crying.
Like i'm gonna keep them close like solid particles.
Kambateh to 2010 !
Last but not least,


I'm heading out to eat with my dear fat FIT brother alr.

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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