Monday, July 20, 2009


The sweetest thing , even sweeter than an applepie

That's the photos allllllllll the way from Australia.
& Mine is a old train station .

Jocelyn Ahyi wrote in the black ink
& Aunt Carol(Ahyi's mum) wrote in purple.
She wrote in chinese for mine .
& she say that we must meet in sydney./

Was not feeling well on Thursday night.
& Decided to give school a miss on friday .
& Now, everyone thinks that I purposely pon one.

Went to polyclinic.
Bloody hell .
I went into the REDZONE.
& I thought we had to ,
Erm social distanced ourselves ?
But the chairs are so closely packed that,
I cant even stretch out my leg lor.
The mask make me cant even breath properly.

See, =.=
Tsktsktsktsktsktsktsk, tsk ,tsk!

was down with school , tuition & electone .
Mad tired.

Great ,
Studied with KT, Koey , Jocelyn , & Lena.

Kt's oreo cheesecake.
I went to eat KFC with Kengteng for lunch .
After the study session ended.
I rushed allll the way down to POMO .
To Ringoya.(Introducing soon)
To get my stuff.
Love Grace-san.
Then went to Daiso & meet Benjamin He .
Walked to Somerest MRT ,
All because of the drinks.
& trained back to AMK
& suki sushi for dinner.

Nearly fatigue.
Okay, maybe not so serious.
Like everyone thinks that I pon school on friday .
I'm dam mad & furious.
Text Adrian Kor immediately.
Had 抹茶口味的CaramelCorn。

Had SS Test ,
& POA class after school.
Finally understand deprication .
Asked alot of questions .
Jocelyn's a little mad with me & lena.

& we saw lovely dovely pigeons.
Not so , L.-D. though .
Headed home with Deb aftermath.

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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