Saturday, July 11, 2009

As Promised,

HI sweets.
I had a meaningful week .
&I meant , real meaningful .

Monday was kinda nice though.
Had fun when Diyan sweetheart.
Met her early in the morning
To get down to MJC for her auditions .
On the way there,
We saw this shameless girl who wore just a bra & a vest.
& super super short shorts.
You can see from the picture.
(PS bad quality)

Was nearly lost.
Bus service 3 was like ,
Kinda messy .
Likely we alighted at tampiness area.
& took the bus from the opposite direction .
If not,
We will end up in TPJC instead.
Its like the next stop is TPJC alr!

Sweetheart warming up .

The school like super 贴心。
The poles or whatever it's called ,
Still got cushioned ones!
I think they got some accidents that makes them do what.
Lunched @ Macs ; Whitesands.
I hate coke and sort.
So gassy.
Headed home aftermath.
& off to Far East.
With Mum and Baby Vic.
I must tell you this.
That girl ar.
Seriously make me dam malu.
& I seriously feel like tying her down .
& bought my leopard print bag .

Tuesday .
Skipped Mock Exam due to Audition @TPJC.
Rather okay .
Feel very homely leisssss.
Before we reach there ,
Our feelings were like ,
Hot & Cold.
Ermm, wrong vocab i guess.
We cabbed down ,
First we got an attitude uncle.
That effing GL us.
Cant he talk nicely to us?
Effing shit.
Then Fiona called SMRT .
For cab .
& guess what .
That person keep letting us wait.
& the best thing is.
That company never even call us back .
When we rushing like siao alr~!
Finally got a cab that agreed to fetched us.
Nice uncle.
We got 6 & he helped us.
& Lena left her wallet in the band room !
Oh gosh .
She knew it when like we gonna pay the cab fare that time .
Lucky others have enough cash .

Saw this in TPJC bandroom .

It's the official photo the band took tgt,
When we in HK Disneyland.
Went for Dinner at Tampiness Mall .
Macs again .
Hate that place though.
With KT Diyan & Fiona.
We went for dinner,
Casued we realised that we were
Rushing, rushing & rushing
That we forgot to eat lunch .
& felt hungry after the auditions.
( ˇˍˇ )

Supposed to go town .
But ended up at J8 ,
& band room looking for Lena's wallet.
Yoshinoya for lunch .
Shopped for her clothes.
& went home.

Thursday .
Nearly whole day free periods.
& that's when we think that free periods are taking ages to end.
Chemistry Mock Exam .
& JinLing's father fetched us to tampiness.
Me & Fiona having auditions at 6.
& My application form not sent.
The audition was tough ,
Compared to TPJC's one.
Hello, I got MachuPichu Glock. part
For sightreading
& played snare drum .
In which I had no experience in .(哭)
Holy shit .
& Diyan still can tell me that ,
Machu Pichu is easy .
My goodness.

Friday .
Believe a not !
The whole day FREE PERIODS.
Like totally no lesson .
I wonder why did I pull myself to school that day.
Relief teacher was funny.
The Mr Tan talks like a beng .
But, he shares interesting stories.
Emaths Mock damm tough!(哭)

Today .
Chem tuition .
Play with Ayden .
& Amaths tuition .
Solid not!
My dear Ayden got bunny teeth
Kawaii nehs/

Many things not done ,
Haisx. (哭)


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