Friday, March 27, 2009

Went home early today .
Sorry to my fellow bandmates.
My stomach is still trying to kill me
& I have more pimples poking out of my face
& I realised that there are random people adding me in msn ,
& start asking me
" I am XXX friend"
" Do you know XXX"

P/s : I know so many people that I cant rmb all of them cans ?
(No offence though )

Anyways ,
I have decided to post the following rant out .
I must bold it you see,
Otherwise people will shoot arrows.
I'm just not happy about it.
Due to those tsktsktsktsktsktsk in class & some corriders .
Really cant take it .
tsk 什么tsk
It all started on Wednesday
Which make my blood boils.
Actually It started long time ago .
When we got sorta scolding by Mrs Menon indirectly .
Can you peeps still remember that I blog that ,
Percussion got scolded by OM ,
For "disturbing" Mrs Menon ?
That incident make me feel very wtf alr .
True la ,
Percussion is loud .
But Loud is SACRED okay !
We still continued to workhard.

Wednesday .
We had performance in the school hall .
It wasn't good ,
But it's still efforts okay.
I look out ,
I saw some uncilivised people acting like some monkeys.
What a disgrace.
I am okay if we just play.
I dont really care if there's anyone listening .
Because the performance's is for our benefits.
However ,
People are talking among themselves ,
& I have my dearest juniors coming forward to tell me
That this particular lady said this .
: "The band is playing for the sake of playing, no feelings , no emotions."

I really appreciated your comment , but
Do you know how much this sentence affected our members ?
To me ,
I felt that we do play with feelings,
Perhaps your hearing isnt good ,
Or maybe you're not focus .
Or we are just not emotional enough .
Dont worry ,
I believe the band will improve in this part.

Then today .
The band was having sectionals .
& we were having lessons .
Diyan heard this,
" I dont mind if the band play nice pieces, but they are playing some rubbish"
Bloodyhell ,
You so smart you come & play la.
You can play everything in one practice,
I can top the school alr .
&there are still many other things .
Which makes me think that
The school is so bloody not supportive .

Why cant the non band members just give the band moral support instead of saying such words.
Which make me feel like slapping them .

p/p/s : I hope that any band member who sees them, will workharder & make them shut their mouth .

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