Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hi peeps .
Met Fen at 730
& bought breakfast
Eat on the way .

Mr Fox came at 9
To help us tune timpani .
He's very nice
& He say that
We are probably the most insane percussionists he had ever seen .
Blahblah blah
Lunch was kinda digusting .
With Reuben keeping to puke .
Didnt finish the burger .
& had a little problem with my stomach .
I told people that the food got problem .
They dont believe me .
End up some of our members reach AMKSS alr
Then got problem .
But everything is fine

Performance at AMKSS.
We didnt play well lahs.
Stop asking.
I still love With heart & voice laaaas!
Went back school.
Couldnt control myself.
& blah.
Thanks for those we consoled me .
Love you guys .
I think I'm fine alr .
Dont forget ,
I am a percussionist .
& percussionist are ________.
Meet Mum at AMK Hub .
& I saw alot of people .
ZhenLiang & Eugene,
waiting for friend .
& they sorta accompany me wait for mum .
Then , I saw Wenxian & friend ,
Zhongwei & friend
While waiting .
&I saw Wenxian eating a LJS
Dined at Suki Sushi .
Ahhhh ,
Whatever .
Bought Hair Cologue .
Silver bracelet.
& hand sanitizer.

Icecream's my bestfriend !

Gratz to Nick ,
Who had recovered from his HFM diease.
Gonna do work .

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