Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shades of green.
Love it .

Did councillor duty today
ZhenKhan say he super shocked to see me so early.
Like of course la,
ChinYang reminded me 4days ago .
& I chiong for 55,
& run into school
As usual,
I was still late.
By a min or so .

Ms Chin spoils all councillors' mood.
Did reflections.
Damm angry .
Like scolded for nothing .
Wrote the reflections ,
& I think that she might send me for pride time .
But i was merely stating facts la.

Jay Chou's poker cards for Chem& CE agains .
I'm in group7 .

& class tee came today .
Like finally .

Webcamming .

Designed by me .
I was trying to copy the dinosaur's expression .
Next task : graphitti for 2e3's/

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