Monday, February 16, 2009

Love , Save the empty.

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School was okay today.
Studied, gossipped, talk , emo, cry .
Weather super hot.
So hot that I nearly melted.
Stupid weather make me itch like hell.
I feel like bringing chunks of dry ice to school/
Ground level classroom is so much cooler .
All thanks to Kenny ,
Who broke his leg ./
&make 4e2 lost our groundlevel classroom .
Talked about more weird things
As usual.
We talked about Underworld,
The stupid M18 movie.
& Lena say wrong .
She said it too fast,
& Guess what ,
She said that :
"My friend go watch the underWATER world alr.Its M18"
We all laughed .
Sm was like ,
sm: Underwater world m18 ar.I can go in leis .
Me : I go sentosa can watch underwater world alr.
Somemore can touch the starfish .
Diyan : I somemore saw the spongebob squarepants there.
We talked about babies too .
& Simin say she wanna throw them out buildings.
& we started discussing on ways to torture people.
Dont worry ,
I love kids.

Had lessons & blahs .
No PE , did stupid lame puzzles.
Me & Lena was doing happily ,
Then we realised that we do wrong .
We did on the answer sheet ,
Instead of the actual puzzle.
D. Sweetheart told me alot of marvallous jokes.
Which make me laugh untill I cant breathe well.
Stupid Kevan complain to Ms Sasi that I disturbed him .
St, Kevan bully me.

Headed to band .
& argh .
Bcause I know that its always ending up to the majors' problem.
Its okay .
We just have to be strong .

Bought BBT.
& Wendy mei gimme a doggy .

Dsweetheart was nearly killed
We argued about its nose & head, & ears.


Can I have another bottle for my feelings ?

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