Friday, January 23, 2009

I love blogging yo!
Band was great yesterday.
Mr chiang suddenly said something about the
Beijing 2008 .
& 4e2 peeps was like laughing out loudloud.
Cause we saw a video.
Will post it sooooooon!.
Damm hilarious.
'Lessons was okokay today
Diyan sweetheart say
I write my amaths notes like
I blogging like that .
Seriously dont understand POA.
Any volunteers ?
*wave hands please*
Amaths damm funnnnnnnn.
Emaths ,
Then makan time .
School's bloody dirty.
The whole pillars was filled with insects.
Wanted to stomp it .
But my 3.2 megapixel phone cant shoot it.
cannot post.
CNY Celebrations was okay
First time I celebrate in school/
Atmosphere was very low.
They should have asked me to be MC.
Jocelyn wife accompanied me home .
Changed , use com .

Unglam ?
I know .
See, we same hairstyle.
You jealous right ?
Bused to AMKHub with my dearestest
Pass through CBM there,
Waved at PUS(S)
&theyall was like .
Rasheed points his kuku middle finger at me
She needa meet Daryl .
Supposed to meet A. at 2.
At Raffles place.
But both of us were super duper late.
So change,
Meet at Amk mrt instead.
Chiahao came abit later.
Didnt study at all .
Textbook damm heavy cans?
Instead they counselled me (?)
Or rather brainwash?
ZZ. Idk .
Ps them .
Trained to Vivo .
& did shopping alone .
Shopping alone damm shuang.
Leemei dear called me .
She was kinda shocked.
I told her I feel like being alone .
She screamed at me .
Endup she agreed with me .

Daiso .
Anderson was also at Vivo .
With his bro.
Didnt bother to look for him .
Cant find my pink leopard print wrapping paper.
There's nothing to shop there.
But for what I know .
They are having many sales there
Trained back to Hougang .
Bought my file
& bused home .
Didnt bring ipod ,
Read throughout the whole trip .

My ankle's recovering.
Hope Meiyan's one recover as fast as mine ..
Bless bless bless bless her .
Cause she needa play for her tournament.

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