Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy CINA New year yo!

Just got back from Grandparents house.
Dam bored there,
Watch tv,
Grandfather talk .
Take hongbao .
Watch tv.
Talk .
Go home.
Damm lifeless la.
My Tang ge quite shuai nahs/
That duck ask me jio him .
What a waste of time.
They damm dao .
But who cares.
He this year taking Olvls
Cause he drop to NA.
So we are taking the same paper.

Talked to my idk who .
He ask me to go tml.
Cause he say he's gonna catch crabs for me.
How nice ya ?

Today I'm like damm damm damm lifeless.
Use com .
Chat with Carrots , Rocker .
& webfriends
Rocker called me & sang.
& he refused to make me his manager.
Damm it .
Webfriend , jasmine .
She told me not to lose faith in relationship .
& I told her that realtionships are lifeless.
& She thinks that I needa cool down .
Played pet society
Video called with GrandMa, Cousins & Aunts
My family high tech right ?
Mai siao .
My grandma know how the webcam thing works okay .

Wakeup &
Read twilight .

Okay .
So much about my kukunehneh schedule.

More about Chinese new year!

Come on,
guess what's that .


Its the 'cover' for the plant.
For the white white color thing.

Camwhore .
If you cant stand it.
I allow you to tag & go .
Bad Comments about pictures disallowed!

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