Sunday, December 21, 2008

When can I leave this bloody house forever.
When can I be freed.
Hate that bitch.
How many more years must I wait.
Bloody tired now.
Cried like nobody's business justnw.
I just want peace.
Also cannot isit ?
What the problem about wanting to be alone
& to be undisturbed?

Think about it la .
Why I will become like this .
Its all because of you.
You want me to turn into bad girl
Smoke, sniff glue all those stuff
Then you are willing to free me isit?
I just want privacy , freedom .
What's so diffucult about it?
I dont even have the rights to cry at home la.
Why am I so unfortunate?

Bon voyage to zhuzhu
Who is flying off to Japan tml.
All the best ,
& Jiayous for the compeitition!

You are the only one ,
who understands me the best in this world.
who managed to make me trust you so much without me feeling annoyed .

I miss those days where you called & counciled me .
I miss those days when I was so dependent on you.
I miss those days where you are always there for me.
I miss those days where you stands for me every second.
I miss those days where you ask me not to cry .
I miss those days where you will gimme advices.
I miss it , because after this winter its just gonna be gone in your heart.
Things are not gonna be the same as before,
& Never gonna happen again.

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