Monday, October 13, 2008

Fuck my results,
got back Amaths paper 1
& chemistry
fuck it fcuk it man
amaths paper 1 : 8/80
chem: 29.5/ 85
Chem's a little better though
I was very very sad in class today
& i cried.
I mean like .
I studied sao hard ,
& Yet ,
My results still like that .
It s very saddening la.

Had breakfast with the stars today
I am superstar .
Cause i got 2 stars

Class was bored today ./
Mr Bala went through our paper .
& I didnt bother to listen
Too sad already laaaaaaaaaaas
Mdm noraini didnt come today
& I slept for the whole of her free period.
But wakeup reply sms
Then sleep back .
The 3e3 boys were like .
waa, you wakeup liaos ar.
When i wokeup
I said ya
& went back to sleep .
Chemistry then ya
Didnt go for percussion meeting .
Bused to AMK with Lena .
Thanks friend :D
Ate lun-ner at Sumo house
& walked around Amk
& went home

I realised that i have very little friends

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