Saturday, May 31, 2008

100 facts about myself.

  1. i am known as anqi for i dontknow what reasons.
  2. i am born on the 2nd september 1993
  3. i am the only child in my family
  4. i am the only granddaughter in my father side family/
  5. i am a bad photoshopper
  6. i am a mad, crazy girl
  7. i am a pure saddist[as said by diyan]
  8. i play friendster & msn
  9. i have
  10. i have weird habits.
  11. i have soft nose.
  12. i have weird habits.
  13. i have awful vocal.
  14. i have sharp teeth.
  15. i have alot of hair.
  16. i have beautiful nails.
  17. i have big container inside my body
  18. i have water baby inside my right leg
  19. i have super fansi
  20. i have super extrodinary imagination
  21. i have a peanut brain
  22. i have weird thinking.
  23. i have mad juniors.
  24. i have crazy classmates.
  25. i have many plushie.
  26. i love myself.
  27. i love to camwhore.
  28. i love to role play with brother.
  29. i love hellokitty.
  30. i love bearbrick.
  31. i love hippos
  32. i love whales
  33. i love elephants.
  34. i love fish.
  35. i love japan
  36. i love band practice.
  37. i love percussion.
  38. i love mallets
  39. i love my hubby electone.
  40. i love dearestest.
  41. i love diyan &kengteng
  42. i love PEC.
  43. i love my shopping cards.
  44. i love my computer.
  45. i love my phone-y
  46. i love my ipod.
  47. i love my marshmallow&panpanda.&pigalet.
  48. i love my kidos.
  49. i love my beloved juniors.
  50. i love X
  51. i love kfc!
  52. i love my nail color polish.
  53. i love my super kawaii things.
  54. i love my self-designed PEC notebook.
  55. i love my computer keyboard
  56. i love having disco party in the middle of the night.
  57. i love to sing,despite the awful vocal
  58. i love my bed
  59. i love my blank-y.
  60. i love my clique.
  61. i love pink
  62. i love purple.
  63. i love black.
  64. i love lace-y.
  65. i love lolita dresses.
  66. i love to bully daryl jiujiu
  67. i love to scratch st kor.
  68. i love to make weird faces.
  69. i like barney.
  70. i like elmo.
  71. i like my dinosaurs
  72. i like to rub my nose.
  73. i like to drink water.
  74. i like to scream &shout
  75. i like to scratch &bite
  76. i like to sniff my soft toys
  77. i like to wash my hands.
  78. i like to ask questions.
  79. i like to sleep for long hours.
  80. i like to talk to myself.
  81. i like to talk to my plushie.
  82. i like to clean my electone myself.
  83. i like to be alittle too messy.
  84. i like being great.
  85. i like to have a lil too much of my beauty sleep.
  86. i fail my common sense.
  87. i fail to be a good steady.
  88. i fail to be a good friend.
  89. i fail to think carefully.
  90. i hate shuang mian ren.
  91. i hate liars.
  92. i hate snakes.
  93. i hate insects.
  94. i hate schoolings
  95. i hate people to disturb my sleep.
  96. i put password for my wretch.
  97. i want bearbricks series 15&16.
  98. i want to go shopping everyweek.
  99. i want all my softtoys to be on display.
  100. i have 99 facts about myself.

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