Saturday, April 05, 2008

he took mi
& i took hims
& tts th production
how cool.

kawaii nehs?
do we look alike?

everyone's workin damm hard
same for mi
hard hard
hard hard.

mi eat kfc&ajisen
for dinner today.
how cool.
thr a pec miting
how cool.

ilove singapore river.
upload mi&kaka picture th new post.

i hate those fucking family problems that i have
i hate those senior junior problems that i encounter.
i hate those fucking friendship problems that i faced
i hate those love or hate problems that i see.
i hate those sabotage&hyprocite humans that i know.
i hate those humans who crap about mi that i heard.
isnt life suppose to be simple?

to our beloved cec.
the pec is working hard.
very hard.
we woundnt disappoint u
as we are to be.
we will workhard
&show it to you that we are good.
till you are proud of us

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