Thursday, March 20, 2008

im back from camp.
camp was funnnnnnnnn
instructor was zephyr.
her name is like damm style la.
but we made her cry
coz we day1 super lows.
den day2 zephyr &travis tiochua
coz gro1&2 gt 360degree change.
tts wat they say.
day one
did zipline
i was screaming la.
its fun
but when u coming down tt time
really is ermm.
horrifing la.
th speed damm fastttttt
abseiling was lyk
do half way den rain.
so nv do
den campfire prep work.
waste time lors.
summore alot la.
den slpt wif yuenyee
chatted thruout th nite.
or rather half of th nite
the conver is a sercet.
shi mi mi,yi ke bu neng shuo de mimi

day 2
i woke up th rest
den i hao xin wake up our grps boys
they kp mi
but they at mornigne xercise nv say anything liaos.
its not tt im so kind tt i gt nth to do
but to wake em up
its tt
we are running late
&they are still slping
den breakfast
eat abit from rie's
coz i nv take
i smell th food
i wan vommit liaos
eat rie de lyk few bites nias
eat untill damm xinku la.
den gt th ne tink
den gt role play
i be japanese
den very funny
den we go scared of th british
wihich it rie they all.
zephyr was laughin out loud la
den raining
so did not play crc.
played wet weather games instead
den campfire prep work wif grp1
paired wif yongphong.
coz i no pair
he oso no pair
so we paired lors.
&th both of us dunno how to swim
lucky he noe how to kayak.
same la, scream when we going to turn
den he go into th kelong.
den ask for help.
den i tried controling it by myself
couarge&motivating by yongphong.
thanks classmate.
but he end at th mangrove thr.
all mud
den stuck inside.
he not stuck but i stuck
qi si wo le.
den go pompom liaos.
den late la.
den campfire prep
den dinner
den th grps all eat fast fast
den chiong go practice.
den song session
den campfire~
we danced la.
den we at thr hintin each other
coz we nv do th last part
& i cant rmb th steps.
but i was great performance la.
den debrief reflections &stuff.
den slp
no time brush teeth oso la
yuenyee was tired
so she slpt first
den thip&wenhui came to out hut
find felicia
den i was waiting for rie
den chatted awhile
den very cold
den i move back to yuenyee place.
day 3
pack &stuffs.
den eat breakfast &stuffs
den area cleaning
all of us were complainging la.
day one oso we clean toilet
day 3 oso we clean
very kns leis
den go homes.
called th dearests.
wif daryl.
den they still in malaysia.
den i gt no whr to go
den go homes
daryl jiujiu pei mi go buy drink & go my bus stop
pei mi wait bus
den my bus came
penguin they all came.
den slppppt.
untill 6plus
makan &pom&changed
go see the zhongyi
coz at day1 i reaslied tt my leg gt
ballball inside.
small small de.
den mi&rie was playing thruout la.
den sumtimes felicia oso joined in.
ask thip to touch
&she kinda freaked out.
daryl oso gt touch
den he say its th vein
wrong liaos.
th doctor say its th bone swell.
oso dunno how it swell.
swell untill gt one ballball down thr.
whocares la
my leg gt bandage now
cannot touch water.
xiao yee say she buying mi bag
i ask her buy bigggggggg bag, nike nice nice de.
she say not nice
den i ask her suibian buy adidas or puma.
den she say she mayb buyin puma for mi
she say see nice nots.
i bet th size of th bag wun be up to my standard.
im tired.
i go hibernate liaos.

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