Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hao lei hao lei.
i justwanna hv a good cry now.
sec3life is so stressful
kinda just realised that
i alot of ppl dunlyk mi
even teachers,
oso kinda hot tempered this few days.
sowie to all especially cherie.
but not to _ _ _ _ _ _

rie gv mi sum advice.
*mixed feelings.*
sometimes i seriously dun understand
wat the fck u wan
make mi feel so
mayb i shud listen to cherie
one more day
just one more day.
before everytink its too late.
wo bu xiang she de
bu xiang dong de
very tired by all this craps
v. tired.
too tired
wo ying gai fang shou ma?
wo bu xiang fang shou ke shi wo keyi ma?
wo yao chuang bu guo qi le.
tell mi ,
wat shud i do

nehnehs de.
so many hw
so do hw le
& my hand stil hurts
& i dunlyk this sch
& i love sc

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