Thursday, November 15, 2007

yst was a x3 fruitful day
actually is go watch muvee de.
den i ask marmie for permission le.
zhaofa say postpone
so mi amanda n jiewei.
decided to go shopping instead.
mit jw at 1
den trained down to bugis to meet amanda.
den go food junction
amanda eat prata.
mi n jw drink greentea
dunno wat happen
damm cold.
den amanda eat finish le.
we faster go.
is lyk omg.
den go shop le lor.
go bugis street thr.
go make my ipod nice nice
its cheaper den gamsk by 3bucks?
anws, i save 3bucks n can buy kitty stuff
den went to the kitty shop
buy kitty stuff.
i bot one a4 size folder n 2pens.
jw, helping mi bot one pen
amanda , helpin mi bot one pen
she gt so tempted .
she bot a a5 size folder.
den she blame mi tt i tempted her.
den the ipod person called mi
say my ipod okayy le.
den went up to collect my ipod.
den he ask mi if i wan go the jewels
den i say no.
coz i dunno gt how many.
n the jewels are bloody small
n costs $1.50 each.
kinda not worth
so nv do lor.
den goin back to the bugis juction thr.
saw shuhui n fwens.
den say hi
n walk off.
den nid to buy section stuff
so went to the book store at the 3level.
n justin jiefu came.
den mi n jw gt craving
den go eat kfc.
shrooms meal~!
den jiefu dunno eat wat la.
i only noe tt they very gaosiao.
den mi n jw shake them off.
n we went to see the voodoo dols.
wanted to buy
but kinda exp.
den nv buy.
den cravin for neoprint.
went to take neoprints.
i dunno y my fone cant take the photo.
tt experience was kinda bad.
coz mi n jw was lyk
dun really noe how to operate the machine.
den screams here n thr
very duilian.
i lyk the neoprint we took .
den very late le.
den went home lor.

jiu dao zhi li ma

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