Friday, March 02, 2007

im angry..
scold scold scold..
cannot say properly meh?
muz be so asshole ma?
stress stress stress..
everytime dou shi lke tt de..
for once dun scold mi canot ar?
i ur junior lei!
not fair not fair..
u everytime say sandra biased u oso wat..
everyone bully emman de..
everytink mi n emman do ..
only will lead us to scoldings n more scoldings isit?!

u all oso nv teach mi how to inprove my practical
wat muz i do?
down dere suan ppl..

wat the hell..

dun care le la.
everytime lke tt de..

lke today..
cant u say properly .
will die isit?!

u nv teach of coz i dunno la.
n of coz wrong la.
i dun even noe of coz will get wrong rite?!

everytime lke tt one lor...

he ur junior so is emman.
u say dra biased against boys.
den u oso nv treat emman gd wat...
nonsense !!!

sheng qi><

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