Tuesday, January 09, 2007

yesterday was growth day..
den as usual mi elaine n jolene n diyan meet up together n go sch la..
n as usual...
i was late...
we damm high ar...
in class we sang de apple song la
in many many different versions..
gt cute de r&b de choir style de..
we damm high jiu correct le..

i seriously hate sec1 ..
ask qsn tt drive mi crazy..
if mi n diyan nv shout ar..
i confirm tt they wun go up to de hall de lor..
so must guai bit must life better for councillers..

waa..must buy strensils le..
waa.goin voiceless soon..

i hate tt mr shaw..
he is lke waste ppl time lor..
y cant he just let mr wong tell us de whole tink?
omg.i simply hate him la...

i hate HIPPY

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