Friday, December 05, 2008

Walked to school with Kengteng today .
As in really walked ,
She came back to my house
& walked .
Walked past the french school
Saw quite a few xiao shuaige
Walked to the flyover there,
& sweetheart told me this .
Cause we saw Bus 55.
KT: You want ask the bus to open the door for us ?
Me: No need la .
Those grasses out there ,
Make me itch.
Sectionals all the way .
Vigi ,加油。
Got any problem talk to shijie okay ?
Dont cry .
Percussion is there for you!
Had a scolding after band
Cause we opened the room at 1 & closes at 630/
Nvm ,
Its our fault anyway.
Its always our fault .
Cause we are students .
We dont rule the school .
Its okay .
9 more months
& it over

Had PEC meeting at cbm .
Very zz.
But what to do .
Had meeting ,
In which we broke Zhaofa's meeting rule .
But we managed it kinda better then the previous time
Meeting from 7 to 8 .
Pro right ?
Its small case alr .
We had our first meeting on Speech day .
For like 7 hours?
& playing at the same time.
Discuss about many problems .
Tsk .
I was so angry today .
That I nearly walked out of the band room.

Bused home with cheris after meeting .

Neoprint took at Hongkong .
Treated by Shirley.
I must say this ,
This is the first time I took neoprint untill
Me & fenny scolded vulgarities.

Concert Madness by Fenny .

Me & fenny's cute waterbottle .

I want quality photos.
Where are my skills .

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